Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lethbridge-Stewart updates

A special free story from the Lethbridge-Stewart range of novels has been made available for download by Candy Jar Books, in tribute to the Women's Auxiliary Air Force officer Eileen Younghusband who died on 2 September at the age of 95.

Eileen Younghusband - 1921-2016.

Born in London, Younghusband joined the WAAF during the Second World War and worked in the Filter Room, the top secret hub of Britain’s air defence. During this time, Younghusband tracked the first V2 rocket into the United Kingdom.

A life-sized figure of Younghusband as a twenty-one year-old WAAF officer stands in a replica of a filter room at the Battle of Britain museum at Bentley Priory. Her memories of the WAAF were sought by many, including historians, documentary makers and a Hollywood scriptwriter. Her book, One Woman’s War, won a People’s Book Prize, while her latest book – Eileen’s War – was written for children and was completed and published only weeks before her death.

“We’ve planned for a while to bring Eileen into the series,” says Lethbridge-Stewart Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen, “and the news of her death made us decide to make it happen sooner, to pay tribute to this great legend of World War II. It’s not often one meets a bona fide hero, and the difference Eileen made to the security of the UK cannot be stressed enough. It was a natural thing to bring her into contact with the Doctor Who legend that is Lethbridge-Stewart.”

The free downloadable story The Last Duty is written by newcomer to the range, Christopher Bryant. “Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart has always been one of my favourite characters from Doctor Who,” enthuses Bryant, an English teacher from Woking, “so it's a privilege to be part of bringing him back for new adventures.” Bryant is no stranger to the worlds of Doctor Who, having served as editor and contributor for several charity books such as the You and Who collections, Seasons of War, and the forthcoming You on Target.

The free PDF also features excerpts from Eileen’s War and One Woman’s War. “We have included these excerpts to illustrate how important Eileen was in the defence of Britain,” explains Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar, “having arguably saved Winston Churchill’s life and acted as a guide at a Nazi concentration camp. I would encourage all fans to read these excerpts as a fascinating document of our times.”

The Last Duty features a cameo by Younghusband. “I loved writing this story,” continues Bryant, “because it's a great mix of monster-filled action scenes along with a more thoughtful examination of how we lead our lives. It's a particular honour to be able to pay tribute to Eileen Younghusband, who lived such an amazing life.”

Candy Jar has also revealed the cover art for The HAVOC Files 2, a forthcoming collection of seven short stories.

“With the previous volume we collected the many short stories published in 2015,” says Shaun Russell, “but it was a little different this time since we have released fewer short stories this year. We decided it would be nice to produce new exclusive material for the collection, as well as a couple of extras.” 

This includes a brand new short story. Written by Andy Frankham-Allen, The Lost Skin is a novella set concurrently with the forthcoming Lethbridge-Stewart novel, Times Squared.

The Lost Skin is a three-part story which begins in The HAVOC Files 2, to be continued at a later date in the next two volumes of the collection. “Who doesn’t like a cliffhanger or two?”, teases Russell.

The cover artwork for The HAVOC Files 2 was designed by Adrian Salmon, who says, “A unifying cover idea for a mix of stories was never going to be easy but the central idea of an incredible shrinking Lethbridge-Stewart made small work of it!”

With thanks to Candy Jar Books

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