Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Racnoss at Big Finish

Audio producers Big Finish have announced that the Racnoss will be among the monsters featuring in its forthcoming second volume of the Classic Doctors, New Monsters range, due next year.

The giant spider race appeared on TV in 2006's Christmas episode The Runaway Bride, starring David Tennant and introducing Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. Meanwhile, the upcoming audio adventure Empire of the Racnoss, written by Scott Handcock, sees the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) battling the creatures in an earlier, chaotic time...

"We've started work on the second Classic Doctors, New Monsters box set," says director Barnaby Edwards, "and I couldn't be happier. The Racnoss are back... and with the most fabulous cast a director could hope for. Brilliant Doctor Who stalwart Adjoa Andoh plays the Racnoss Empress, a megalomaniac engaged in a civil war with her crippled husband, the Emperor, played by the wonderful Nigel Planer. The production also sees a welcome return to the Big Finish fold of Andrew French and Lisa Kay. We had such a fun day in the studio, culminating with a truly majestic Baby Spider Workshop. And, no, I'm not going to explain what that consisted of!"

The second volume of Classic Doctors, New Monsters can be pre-ordered now for £20 on Download and £23 on CD (which also unlocks a digital version upon its release). Additionally, this release, along with the forthcoming second volumes of Big Finish's The Churchill Years and The Diary of River Song titles, can be pre-ordered in a special bundle priced £60 for both CD and Download.

Source: bigfinish.com

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