Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Drosten's Curse paperback

BBC Books has announced that a paperback version of A.L. Kennedy's novel The Drosten's Curse will be published on 21 January 2016, priced £7.99.

Based on Kennedy's Doctor Who: Time Trips short story The Death Pit, The Drosten's Curse was originally published in hardback in July 2015 and features the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker.

Some very strange things are happening in Arbroath when the Fourth Doctor arrives at the Fetch Brothers Golf Spa Hotel. Unsuspecting golfers are being eaten by the bunkers on the golf course. The twin grandchildren of Mrs Fetch, the rather strange and octopus-obsessed owner of the hotel, seem to have the ability to materialise from walls. People in the area can suddenly hear the thoughts of others – and they don’t like what they’re hearing. With the help of the Fetch Brothers junior day receptionist Bryony, and the hindrance of inept guest Ian Patterson, the Doctor discovers something huge, ancient and alien asleep under Arbroath… Can they prevent it from waking up and destroying the world, before the residents of Arbroath finish each other off?

“I always loved tuning in to Doctor Who,” says A.L. Kennedy, “although there were the usual tussles with my parents over whether it was too scary or not. I think the Doctor is actually quite a good way of introducing children to scary things in a safe way. I think the Doctor is good company for kids. He’s a being who’s fun, who challenges ways you might have been told to think, who always goes for the best, most intelligent solution to a problem, who always tries to build and not destroy and who generally has a great appetite for life – there can be no harm in that. And having anything to do with adding to the Doctor’s adventures makes me very happy.”

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