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The Enemy of the World & The Web of Fear commentaries

After decades missing from the archives, the return of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear in 2013 was a highlight of Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary year. The rapid release of these stories meant that their DVDs were devoid of any extra material, which has now led to the development of Who Talk, a new project from Fantom Publishing.

With the help of the stars and crew of these two stories, and under the guidance of Doctor Who expert Toby Hadoke, Who Talk provides commentaries on all twelve of these episodes, over two CD releases or on digital download. These can be played simultaneously with a DVD or iTunes copy of the episodes themselves.

Left to right: Milton Johns, Toby Hadoke and Mary Peach

"Commentaries have long been a favourite part of my viewing of any of the classic Doctor Who DVDs," says producer Paul WT Ballard. "And we thought it was a huge shame to let these two brilliant stories pass under the radar, and set about gathering quite a stellar line-up to commentate on them."

Joining Toby Hadoke to discuss her memories is Deborah Watling, who played Victoria in both serials. The commentary for The Enemy of the World also includes guest stars Mary Peach (Astrid Ferrier), Milton Johns (Benik), Carmen Munroe (Fariah) and Bill Lyons (Guard). Meanwhile, The Web of Fear features contributions from Ralph Watson (Captain Knight), John Levene (Yeti) and Derek Martin (Soldier). From the other side of the camera, there are reminiscences from make-up artist Sylvia James and camera operator Roger Bunce.

"The only way we can make these and future releases viable is by fans supporting the project and buying copies, rather than bootlegging them," advises Paul. "Were there to be any future returns, and I'm sure we're all hopeful of that, then we would want to be able to look at repeating the exercise because it's a hugely culturally important one."

As Episode 3 of The Web of Fear remains missing, the commentary is provided by former BBC Archive Selector Sue Malden, who gives an insight into the history of wiping and archiving material, as well as the world of missing television in general.

Left to right: John Levene, Toby Hadoke and Sylvia James

These two releases will be published in November 2015, and are available for pre-order direct from Who Talk at a discounted price of £10.99 each.

Pre-order The Enemy of the World commentary
Pre-order The Web of Fear commentary

Please note:
These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.

Source: Fantom Publishing
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