Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Previously unseen animation test released

A never-before-seen animation test for a missing Doctor Who adventure has been released on YouTube.

The Daleks' Master Plan is a story from 1965-66 which starred William Hartnell as the First Doctor. Unfortunately, of the serial's twelve episodes, only three survive in the archives. But as is the case with all of Doctor Who's missing episodes, the audio survives in full, recorded off-air by dedicated fans at the time of the original transmission. Numerous DVD releases used new animation, set to these original soundtracks, to bring some of the other lost stories back to life.

Prior to being commissioned to animate the missing sections of the Patrick Troughton story The Ice Warriors (released on DVD in 2013), animators Niel Bushnell and Chris Chatterton, and producer Chris Chapman, put together a test piece for the mammoth The Daleks' Master Plan. The project never progressed any further, but the demo gives a glimpse of a very experimental approach, escaping the limitations of what would have been seen on-screen originally and opting for a full colour HD presentation.

The test can be seen below. What might have been...

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