Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Eve Myles & Kai Owen to star in Torchwood audio drama

Big Finish has announced that Eve Myles and Kai Owen are set to return as husband-and-wife team Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, in the third release in their new series of Torchwood audio dramas.

“Captain Jack's the poster boy, Ianto's the style, but Gwen and Rhys are the heart of Torchwood,” says producer James Goss. “Listening to the two of them back together is an utter joy. We pick up their story after Miracle Day. How has life been treating them? It's a delight to find out.”

Myles appeared in all 41 episodes of the popular BBC series, created by Russell T Davies. A dedicated police officer turned Torchwood second-in-command, Gwen fought tooth and nail to defend Cardiff and her family from the very worst the Rift had to offer. Husband Rhys supported her from home, keeping their infant daughter Anwen safe during the worldwide phenomenon known as the Miracle.

Gwen and Rhys return in Forgotten Lives. The couple are plagued by the same alien plot uncovered by Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) in opening story The Conspiracy. Many years later, and Torchwood is just a fond memory for Gwen and Rhys. Then, one day, the phone rings...

Forgotten Lives is written by Emma Reeves who is the co-creator and lead writer of robot drama Eve for CBBC. Other TV credits include The Dumping Ground, Tracy Beaker Returns, Dead Gorgeous, Young Dracula, Spirit Warriors, The Murder of Princess Diana, Doctors and Belonging. She also writes for radio, and for stage, where her work includes the Olivier-nominated adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather.

“I still can't believe that I've been asked to write a story for the brilliant characters of Gwen and Rhys,” says Emma. “I've been lucky enough to write for Eve before, on Belonging, and I know that she has a unique gift of imbuing every syllable with the deepest meaning. Getting Eve Myles and Kai Owen, too, is basically like winning the writer lottery.”

Myles will make a return appearance later in the series, of which more details will be revealed soon!

Torchwood: Forgotten Lives will be released in November, and can be pre-ordered today from Big Finish. Additional casting announcements will be made soon. The release will be followed by three further stories at monthly intervals, through to February 2016.

Source: Big Finish

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