Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 6

Panini has revealed details of the latest Doctor Who Adventures magazine, on sale 10 September priced £3.99.

This is the best September ever! Not only does Doctor Who return to our TV screens on the nineteenth, but on 10 September you can feast your eyes upon Doctor Who Adventures Issue 6… the greatest magazine this side of the Seventh Quadrant!

Journey into the 53rd Century for a cruise on board the luxury warp cruiser SS Berry Gordy, and help the Doctor and Clara save the most popular singer in the galaxy from a gang of space pirates known as the Skinks, in this awesome tale from James Peaty, Russ Leach and John Burns.

Competition Time
This issue gives you the chance to win tickets to the Doctor Who Festival in November and a copy of the brand new Doctor Who Annual!

Are You a Dalek Mastermind?
Check your Dalek knowledge in this issue’s quiz time and then take a look at some of the strangest Daleks ever!

Cybermat Surprise
Let Clara show you how to make your very own Cybermat as we enter the TARDIS Craft Studio!

UNIT Alien Archive
The universe is a dangerous place, but we’re giving you access to the UNIT Alien Archive on one of the most dangerous villains in the entire cosmos. This is your chance to find out all there is to know about the renegade Time Lady known as Missy!

Strax's Guide to the Galaxy
This month Strax will show you the delights of Mondas, Telos and Hedgewick’s World of Wonders as we look at some of the favourite hang-outs of those cybernetic warriors known to us all as the Cybermen!

The Tudor Engagement
The Paternoster Gang are on the hunt for a time travelling thief and end up in the court of King Henry VIII. Will they manage to keep their heads or will one of the gang end up becoming the seventh wife of King Henry?

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 6 – summer’s over, but who cares when you can beat the cosmic blues with the greatest magazine in the history of the universe?

Issue 6 comes with a free Cyberman key ring, badges, sticker and stamper set! Don’t miss it!

With thanks to Panini

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